Marketing & promotion services

Social Media Targeting For Your Audience


There's power in your words, in your STORY, your knowledge and your expertise.  Social media isn't just about pretty pictures (while it's important it's not everything), it's about making the world a better place with what you're going to share at your event.  What's your WHY and how will that inspire others to trust and want to do business with YOU?  

  • Share your WHY
  • Share your Vision
  • Inspire with your action
  • Get your audience excited 

They follow what is igniting them...they need to know how you're going to LIGHT THEIR FIRE at your event!

  • Who are they (age, gender, activities, socioeconomic status, education, motivation, inspiration)?
  • Where do they live (locally, domestically, internationally)?
  • Why do they need you (what sets you apart from your competitors, how can you help meet their needs)?
  • When do they need you (young age, middle age, elderly, life change, crisis, physical or psychological barriers)?

Newsletter & Email Campaigns


MiiG Enterprises has been publishing a monthly newsletter for nearly 2 years.  Our email address list is expanding every day, with over 2,500 recipients throughout the state of Idaho as of February 2020.  80% of those recipients are in Boise and the Treasure Valley area.


At MiiG Enterprises Presents we partner with some of the best leaders, educators and inspirational masterminds in the Boise, ID area (and around the US), to bring about change and transformation.  We are committed to producing and promoting events that leave audiences transformed in mind, body, spirit or soul...this is our core value and commitment to all of our guests.  Our hope is that you'll find at least one event that will inspire you to step into growth and transformation.

You can be included in our monthly newsletter and have custom email campaigns built to promote your event.

event management services

Registration & Welcome

It's important to set the tone from the moment your guests walk in the door.  A welcoming face, a list with their name, badges, worksheets, all makes your guest feel comfortable and ready to engage.

Swag & Handouts

Printed materials, branded gifts, worksheets, TShirts, Food, Beverage...we can handle every detail so that you are focused on your guests and connecting with them in person at your event.

Crew & Staffing

We always recommend that VOLUNTEERS are the best staff ever. Your friends, your followers, THEY are most invested in seeing YOU succeed.  We can train and coordinate your volunteer crew or find some handy staff members to work your event.

Emcee & Intro

With 35 years of public speaking experience, Marlene is a gifted Emcee!  She connects easily with your audience, gives you a robust and heartfelt intro, setting the stage for your guests to receive your message.

Music & AV Management

Music is ALWAYS a ANY event!  Custom playlist, or stock playlist, we can make sure all of your audio visual needs are handled.  Powerpoint on the big screen, no problem.  Microphones, videographers, photographs, we can coordinate all of it.

Set Up & Take Down

YOU have a vision for what your audience will look like when you are standing on stage.  We can help make your vision a reality and your dreams come true.  Tell us how you want your room to look and we will make it happen.