First we learn your business & voice

Knowing the language of your consumer is mission critical!


Hashtags # matter!  When your consumers are interested in key facts that are related to your business they're searching, tagging and following what's important to them.  If it's important to them, it should be important to you. 

They follow what is igniting them...figure out who they are!

  • Who are they (age, gender, activities, socioeconomic status, education, motivation, inspiration)?
  • Where do they live (locally, domestically, internationally)?
  • Why do they need you (what sets you apart from your competitors, how can you help meet their needs)?
  • When do they need you (young age, middle age, elderly, life change, crisis, physical or psychological barriers)?

Understanding why you do what you do helps us learn your voice...your passion.


There's power in your words, in your STORY, your knowledge and your expertise.  Social media isn't just about pretty pictures (while it's important it's not everything), it's about making the world a better place with what you've learned and are providing.  What's your WHY and how will that inspire others to trust and want to do business with YOU?

  • Share your WHY
  • Share your Vision
  • Inspire with your action
  • Show them what you're doing - live videos captivate your audience!


Then we build a strategy

A Solid 4 Step Process to a Successful Social Media Campaign

There's a method to the madness...a process that works to lay the foundation to a successful campaign.  It begins with planning and strategizing.  Every campaign is unique...from the customers being targeted, to the voice of the business leader, to the business calendar being maintained.  

We partner with each client to build a customized plan that enhances and strengthens the brand, the business and the growth goals they have in mind.  While our clients are the experts on their businesses, we act as an extension of that expertise to plug the passion into the Social Media experience.


Aligning with Businesses

It's true, not everyone is meant to work together.  At MiiG Enterprises Presents, we pride ourselves on aligning with business that we are confident we can help grow.  We want to partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders who appreciate our style and are open  to experimenting, in order to find the best possible path to growth.

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