here's our "why"



People are fatigued with "virtual" relationships.  We want to CONNECT in person!  We are made to crave eye contact, read body language and feel the energy of another human near us.



Humans have a natural desire to learn, grow and evolve.  Not everyone has the resources to access higher level education or the desire to attend community style classroom workshops.  At MiiG we provide NEXT LEVEL growth and transformation in a professional and impactful way.



Our workshops, training's, seminars, conferences, symposiums, summits and events are all focused on TRANSFORMING the mind, body, spirit and soul of our guests.  Equipping and empowering them to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally or physically.

all about miig

Who is MiiG....that's me, Marlene Robinson

Marlene Robinson, Founder and CEO of MiiG Enterprises Presents has been helping her clients deliver their message to the world for over 3 years in the Boise area and around the United States. With a focus on Coaches, Authors and Speakers, she has mastered the art of finding and targeting an audience, selling tickets and creating an impactful event for those who have a message to share!  Marlene is an extension of her client, working to execute an EXPERIENCE for the guests in the room and enabling the speakers to authentically share their message without concern for the details of the day.   Her professionalism and ability to adapt to the tone of the message will have your audience asking you for more. 

But wait...there's a CATCH!

 BUT….there’s ONE catch to it all!  You can only employ her services if your event will TRANSFORM lives!  She is dedicated to helping people live into the BEST version of themselves and that means that if a guest shows up to an event that she is producing or promoting they will be transformed INTELLECTUALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY or EMOTIONALLY…. #mindbodyspiritsoul that’s her motto!  She doesn’t do parties, weddings or corporate events.  While you can rent the space for it and she’ll point you to a great event planner for that, she’ll only work on your event if your intent is to CHANGE LIVES! 


After owning my own company and brand since 2011 (see, and producing large-scale events since 2016, I've mastered the art of finding/targeting an audience, selling tickets and engaging customers with a product or event.  With 20 years of experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry I've learned what large corporations do to target their consumer and how to package a product that will sell.  Using targeted marketing, on-line profiling and email campaign management, I can help my customers promote their events and find their ideal guest. 

I specialize in events that transform the mind, body, spirit or soul of the audience. Managing every detail from the hotel and convention center negotiations, to the menu selections to the main stage production and speaker rotation.  From Registration desks, to Swag Shops to Volunteer crew management and special performances and vendor forums, I've mastered the art of executing a life-changing, LIVE event.